A wise parable about who is to blame

They live in neighboring houses two different families. Some spouses quarrel all the time, while others are always calm and understanding. One day, in the world envious neighbor's family, his wife says to her husband:
- Go to the neighbors and see what they are doing, they are always so good.
He went and hid himself well and watching.
That sees the woman washes the floor in the house, then something distracted her, and she ran to the kitchen. At the same time, her husband had to be urgently into the house. He did not see the bucket of water, caught it, and the water spilled.
Then came the wife and, apologizing to her husband, said:
- I'm sorry, dear, I am guilty.

- No, it's you I'm sorry, I'm guilty.
I listened to this dialogue hiding neighbor and went home.
At home his wife asked:
- Well, I look? So what? What secret?

- Got it! Oh, just ... we are all right, and they are all to blame.

Source: factroom